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Canna Licences

What Can You Do With Each Licence Type?

Micro Cultivation ​

Limited to 2152 sq ft of grow space Perfect for small batch or craft growers Fewer security requirements Master Grower, Head of Security and Senior Person in Charge are key personnel required

Standard Cultivation

No limitation to grow space. Great to grow outdoors, indoors or both. More security requirements

Micro Processing

Can process up to 600 Kg of dried flower equivalent per year. You can extract, infuse, package, bottle and label. Personnel requirements are senior person in charge, head of security, quality assurance person

Standard Processing

No limit to processing each year. Same activity and personnel requirements as micro-processing with no limit how much can be processed each year. More security requirements

Medical Sales

Can sell to federally registered medical patients and online only. This licence can be with or without possession. With possession requires more security requirements.

Analytical Testing

Can possess a small amount for testing purposes. Head of Laboratory is required


For experiments, product development or clinical studies. Limit on the amount of cnbs that can be possessed. Responsible person required

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Testimonials from our clients

Matthew Caton

Yield Cannab

"Canna License Experts, and their team were retained by our company to help us along the way with a retail canna license. Brian Wolf along with Kalpna Mistry and their team of experts were there the entire way through the process. Thanks again to Brian and Kalpna for all you support from our family at YIELD Cannab Co."

Lin Yan

GMLL Pharma

"We have contacted a few licensing company before I decided to contact with Canna licensing Experts. So far I think I have made the right choice and I am happy with the work they have done for us. The team answer questions promptly and never leave us alone. Not to mention their charge are reasonable comparing the similar type of consulting company and quality of their job."

Adrienne McConnell

Pursuit Health DC

"Knowledgeable and professional, making everything a smooth and seamless process. Highly recommended, They are honest and never tried to convince me anything out of their knowledge and expertise. But they always find the right resources as much as they can to help us when we need help."

John Zhang


"The staff at CLE are very professional and knowledgeable about the subject. Our license application went smoothly and their forecast was very accurate too. We got our license from Health Canada within 10 months time, amid the COVID-19 crisis."

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