First-Draft of New York Proposed Regulations Released

The Cannabis Control Board released the first set of draft regulations on Nov 21, 2022, ahead of its board meeting and can be found using this link. At this time only Hemp processors, Hemp cultivators, and eligible CAURD applicants awarded through the lottery process have started the licensing process. The draft regulations outline the license types as well as tiers in addition to licensing fees and preliminary requirements for licensure. The application process will be released in 2023. For a breakdown of the New York Cannabis license types and tiers please reference our blog on the proposed regulations.

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Do I qualify for a Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensary License?

To qualify for a CAURD license applicants must meet either meet the requirements for the qualifying business criteria or the qualifying nonprofit criteria.

To be eligible under the qualifying business criteria, applicants must provide documentation evidencing that at least thirty percent (30%) of the applicant is owned by one individual who is/has

  • Justice involved: Conviction of a canna-related offense in New York State before March 31, 2021, on either themselves or a parent, legal guardian, child, spouse, or dependent; and
  • Qualifying business experience: At least ten percent (10%) ownership, for at least two years, in a business that had positive net profits during the individual’s ownership; and
  • Sole control over the applicant, as defined by having the power to order or direct the operation, policies, management, and managers of the business. 
  • Operated a social enterprise that had net assets or profit for at least two years, defined as a business serving customers, operated by a nonprofit or fiscally sponsored by a nonprofit, which both fulfills the parent organization’s mission and generates revenue.

Additionally, 51% of the applicant’s ownership needs to be held by a qualified justice-involved owner.

To meet eligibility under the qualifying nonprofit criteria, applicants must provide documentation evidencing that at least thirty (30%) of the applicant is owned by one qualifying nonprofit organization that has: 

  • A history of creating vocational opportunities for justice-involved individuals; and 
  • A history of intentionally serving justice-involved individuals; and
  • At least one justice involved board member, officer, governing committee member, or advising committee member; and 
  • At least five full-time employees; and

Additional requirements are detailed in this document released by the Canna Control Board.

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Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start



Starting a canna business is not cheap, Making sure you have the correct amount of capital for your business is crucial to not only survive in the marketplace but is also a factor that the state considers during the licensing process.


Real Estate

Having real estate is a crucial part of receiving final licensure and getting your doors open. Understanding the viability of your real estate in relation to state and local zoning is extremely important.


Local Approval

The ability of your business to operate within a local jurisdiction is determined by your local municipality, it is necessary to understand where your business is going to be located and if that municipality allows canna businesses to operate in their city.


Canna Experience

Local and State regulators want to make sure that the businesses operating in this highly regulated market are the best fit. Having the correct experience on your team will show your team’s ability to successfully operate this business type.



Licensing Climate

Understanding your team’s experience, capital restrictions and the competitive nature of each license type will allow you to make an informed decision on what licensed activities your business is best suited for.

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